Diabolic Heaven wins 2nd division at Tom’s Tourney 2011

Diabolic Heaven wins 2nd division at Tom’s Tourney 2011 Image

Diabolic Heaven wins 2nd division at Tom’s Tourney 2011

Last weekend Diabolic Heaven played at one of the biggest Ultimate tournaments in Europe “Tom’s Tourney” (Brugge).
For our young and mixed team the level in 1st division is still to high (for now?) but at TT there’s  a second division with 16 high level teams.

Playing a 3-day tournament in Belgium can also be a disadvantage for Belgian teams as it happens that not all of the players are able to take a day off at work or school. Therefore we missed some important players on friday, although it’s a very important day to get in the upper pool.
On day 1 we played Wombats, Funkadelic (it was great to see some of those Belgian legends with the team they had back in 1998!) and Sun from Paris.
By winning only one game and loosing 2 games we came in the lower pool on saturday.

With 3 ‘fresh’ players we managed to win all our games in the lower pool and so we could play a challenge game against the lowest ranked team of the upper pool. That meant we had to play 5 games on saturday but we were willing to go for it. In a really intense game we won against Gronical Diziness and so we could play the quarter finals!

So our fifth game of the day was a Belgian quarter finale against Mooncatchers. They had a 3 or 4 hour break between their last game and this quarterfinal and that wasn’t an advantage. We were still focussed and on fire from our recovery game and took the victory over Moon.

The opponent in our semi-final on sunday morning was ‘Ouf’. They put up a good zone-D and took the lead immediately. Diabolic kept on fighting and found some holes in the zone-D cup. ‘Ouf’ was a physical strong team consisting of men only but the DH girls proved once more that they can stand their ground. After a strong performance DH took the victory and was up for the final! In the other semi-final Sun beat home team FreezzzBeezzz and so we had to play Sun, who kicked our asses on day one, again.

The final was as a final should be, intense, nice scores on both sides and good spirit. Around half time DH made a 3 point break but with 15 minutes left on the clock Sun made a great come back! As the coach of DH I was afraid that the pressure might be to much for some of our younger players but they reacted real mature and so we took control of the game. After 60 minutes and a cap +2 DH won 12-9!

After day 1 nobody on our team expected we would win TT open 2 but anything is possible if you believe in yourself and your teammates…

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    Shout-out to Tom Boonen for having our 'backs' for the Belgian Ultimate Outdoor Championship - BUOC 14/04 & 15/04 (Brussels) and 28/04 & 29/04 (Bruges)! 🤙😎

    We appreciate it Tom! 😉😇

    #LetsGoHeaven #LetsTakeItOutside #Hasselt

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    These young men will represent our country at Ufcf18 - Ultimate Future Cup France 2018, including our own Zion Claes! 👏

    To all other candidates who weren't selected this time, keep working hard at training and the results will follow! Never back down! 💪


    Here is the team who will represent Belgium at #UFCF18 Congratulations to all the 68 candidates, you are the future of Ultimate!

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    We gave it our all but came a bit too short at the end! After a brief moment of being disappointed laugther and joy followed again quickly and we can still be very proud with the second place in the Belgian Ultimate Mixed Indoor Championship! 🥈💪😎

    Last year third place, this year second place, perhaps we can become mixed indoor champions again next year? 😉

    #LetsGoHeaven #FrisbeeFamily #LetsTakeItOutdoor

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    Today! It's time for the play-offs! 🔥

    Come support your own favorite team and let's get Ultimate some extra popularity! 👏


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    March 11, 2018, 11:00am - March 11, 2018, 8:00pm

    The final weekend of the indoor season! Starring: Schepen van Sport Leuven for the First Pull Starring: Woman, Mixed, Open teams Schedule: goo.gl/SuaLYy

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    Thanks everyone for attending our yearly pasta day! We hope you had a good time and enjoyed the meals which were made and served with love!

    Hope to see you again next year! 😉

    Some photos of the atmosphere will follow shortly! 📷 🎉

    Any comments or suggestions? Make sure to let us know below or via PM! 😊

    Hasta la pasta! 😉😇

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