SOTG And 5th Place At Monsterball 2010

SOTG And 5th Place At Monsterball 2010 Image

SOTG And 5th Place At Monsterball 2010

Last weekend it was Monster-time. Ultimus Prime (Monster, near The Hague) organized their yearly Monsterball, the biggest Ultimate Beach tournament of Holland. After reading about the weather conditions, we we’re actually surprised the organization was able to prepare the tournament at all. Practically the entire south-west of Holland was flooded. Luckily for us, dutchmen know how to handle water, so when we arrived on friday night, there was no sign of a flood.

At Monsterball the BULA-rules are applied, except for one strange addition: when time is over, the player at the disc has to freeze the game. When the marker checks the disc there are only 3 more passes to be given (even if there’s a turnover after the first pass, the game continuous for 2 more passes, well, that’s how we played it anyways.).

Notwithstanding our achievement of last year, vice-champ and spirit winner, we weren’t that ambitious at the start of the tournament. Partially due to the absence of some of our better players, partially because the competition would be a bit tougher this year. So we started the tournament without pressure.

Both our teams had a great start. DH had no problem whatsoever with WAF and MaUlm, and so we ended top of our pool. The DH Seastars, a mixture of DH-fun players and upcoming talent re-enforced with chairman Sigi, surprisingly followed our lead, and ended first of their pool as well. Our overall level is clearly growing day by day, and achievements like these are proof of it! Both teams went to the upper pool! BTW: all belgian teams did so! Belgium!!! Belgium!!!

In the upper pool we both met some tougher competition. DH started of against Indische buurt, one of 2 Cambocake-teams (Dutch outdoor champion, and together with Red Lights probably the strongest beach team of Holland). After a close battle it was Indische buurt who finally took the victory with the smallest difference possible (5-6). Afterwards DH1 played Sexy MF. Although they had sexy outfits, our girls weren’t really convinced about their sexyness. DH1might’ve been a bit frustrated from their loss against Indische buurt. We took a devastating start and kept on going till the 15 was on the scoreboard. Unlucky for Sexy MF in the meantime they scored just 2.

Saturday evening started with a BBQ. The organization obviously learned a lot from their mistakes of last year, but this year it was the stormy weather who ruined our dinner. Due to the heavy rain we all had to pack together in a much to small beach club. In between two storms we took our chance to go to the campsite and quickly take a shower. We hurried back to the party, but yet again, stormy weather was there to spoil our evening. Completely soaked we arrived at the party.

Luckily Ultimus Prime invited a nice band and afterwards a DJ played some nice tunes to keep us all dancing. The beach bar served Jupiler…and so the party was on! Some crazy rule stated that they had to shut down the music and stop serving drinks at 2 o’clock ! This didn’t bother the 4 Belgian teams. They just kept on partying, dancing, acting crazy and trying to score some more beers. After lots of chants about our lovely country, we finally got kicked out of the place around 3 o’clock. Sexy Motherfuckers won the party award and the costume award for this great party.

After some hours of sleep, we we’re ready to play again.
DH1 played Jong Oranje, who couldn’t find a solution for Oli, who’s actually younger than all of the players of Jong Oranje. DH made a few very nice upwind points and took the victory…?In the semi-finals DH1 met Scandisk. An excellent and well-spirited game against our belgian friends. DH was able to make one upwind break, and keep the difference on the scoring board.
DH 2 οΏ½ Sea Stars played the sexy motherfuckers for places 15-16. After a really funny game with loads of turnovers, they ended in a tie, decided they were equally strong and went in to the bar to defrost.
DH1 finally played the organizing team Ultimus Prime for places 5-6. When we we’re able to score an impossible upwind break, UP saw no use in finishing the game in apocalyptic weather conditions. They still had to clean up the beach and stuff and didn’t feel like getting too soaked. So we decided to call it a day, hit the showers and pack our tents. After a pit stop in the burger king in downtown Rotterdam, we headed home. Excellent, but stormy weekend. With a very happy ending when Jan informed us that Diabolic Heaven had won the spirit price. Now all we need to do is go and pick it up in Den HaagοΏ½

Final Ranking

1. Zoccoli Misti
2. de pijp
3. KοΏ½benhavns Frisbee Klub
4. indische buurt
5. Diabolic Heaven
6. Ultimus Prime
7. Sandflies
9. Jong Oranje
10. Oetsers & friends
11. Panic
12. WAF
13. Force aubette!
14. Team under 17
15. Diabolic Heaven II – sea stars
16. Sexy Motherfuckers
17. Force Elektro
18. Madison Revival
19. Italioni Stalloni
20. RUFT
21. UFO
22. West Pants
23. cocoNUTS
24. Gronical Dizziness
25. FAC
26. Crunching Tigers
27. Mr Creosote
28. MaUlm
29. BeachFrisBee2’s

Spirit: Diabolic Heaven

Party: Sexy Motherfuckers


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