5th Place at Burla Beach Cup in Viareggio

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5th Place at Burla Beach Cup in Viareggio

Lots of sun, beautiful Ultimate players and a beautiful beach, an excellent start of Burla Beach Cup 2011.


DH1 played in a fairly easy pool and won every game with some margin. Not bad for a team that plays with 3 girls in open division. We really enjoyed meeting our compatriots from Bruges.

Our second team DH2 somehow ended up in a difficult pool with amongst others an American team named  ‘Alex & The Greats’. These American guys were the revelation of the tournament. Alex parents payed for him and some of his friends to come to Europe to play a beach tournament. There were only six of them, so Gerrit from Gentle helped them out as a pick-up player. Not that they really needed any help, they crushed the competition. Only Zoccoli Misty, loosing finalist of last years BBC, was able to give them some sort of a battle.

Friday nights party was in a gay bar called Priscilla. The cheap cocktails and U2-tribute band really got the party going.

DH1 finally played  ‘Alex & the Greats’. After being taunted by Gerrit for probably getting bageled we didn’t have any high expectations. But by winning the 6 previous games we were already certain to end up in the higher pool. We were able to create some nice flows, but in the end their pressure in D and their flawless O, made the difference.

In the meantime our second team played the other revelation of the open divison: Loltimate, a team of Danish girls. I’ve never seen a team that had that much fun playing Ultimate even though they lost every game and hardly even scored. But hey, they were hot Danish girls on a sunny beach with loads of male attention. Can’t blame them for being happy. And they partied hard!
But it reminded me again that maybe an all female team should be able to play in a coed divison instead of an open division…

In our quarterfinal we met the experienced lads of Inexpensive. Tired of our previous game, we had a hard time trying to intercept perfect passes and beautiful flows. I guess we could ‘ve done better in different circumstances, but we gave it our best shot.

We were going to play for places 5-8 the next morning.
But first we had a party to attend!

This years theme was “Superheroes”. Imagine a superheroe and he/she was there.
Just in our team we had: 2 catwomen, a sexy mrs Incredible, Darth Vader, Goku, Rambo, Zeus, Hercule, Caesar, Aphrodite, Spoonverine, captain America, Spiderman and Little red riding hood J
The girls from Freezzzbeeezzz did their patriotic duty by exporting our  national pride: MegaMindy. Some other amazing costumes: Ghostbusters, a whole team of Supermario’s & Luigi’s, some ninja turtles, Paul, the organizer really impressed everybody with his Jezus-costume, including a 2 meter high cross tied to his back. The crazy Danish girls of Loltimate showed up in tight black clothing and a stocking over their head, hidden in large trashcans they stole at their camping. After inquiry they appeared to be ninjas. At one point or another, most teams at the party had at least one person stuck in a trash can.

This year nobody ended up in the pool, there were some angry looking security people guarding it.

On Sunday DH1 played against Frisbeast. Unfortunately they didn’t have enough players anymore, six players just isn’t enough for a 3 day tournament, so they called in some pick-up players. We still managed to beat them.
We played for the 5th place, against the funny drunk British from Mythago. Lot’s of laughter, especially with their CUP-a-saurus! Nohammernohammernohammer…cup-a-saurus-cup-a-saurus-cup-a-saurus… Drunk as they were, this wasn’t really a game for us, so we ended on the 5th place.

We ordered a beer, some nice pasta and prepared to watch the finals.

In mixed division the final was Patatas Bravas (Barcelona) – Thundering Herd.
The weather started to get worse, there was some heavy rain and a lot of wind, but the brave ultimate players kept on playing, while we were enjoying a beer under an umbrella.
Patatas Bravas was ahead two points when an incredible storm broke loose. It was nearly impossible to score, the wind and the rain were just too hard. They had to hold the tents on the ground with dozens of people. If I recall it correctly Patatas Bravas received the trophy because they were ahead.

Everybody gathered in the restaurant, the friendly bartender offered a happy hour and put on some dancing music. The Danish girls started the party in the ‘shelter’. Besides the cold everybody was happy. Funny detail: this years players gift was a raincoat, but nearly nobody thought about bringing it to the beach on Sunday.

The open final : ‘Alex & The
Greats’–’ Zoccoli Misty ‘couldn’t be played because of the thunderstorms.
They were both awarded first place. (‘Alex & The Greats’ beat Zoccoli misty earlier with one point, but we all know this dutch team is used to cold and wind, so it would have been a nice final! What a pity.)

Spirit of the game in open division was for ‘Cut’n Move’, in mixed division it was awarded to ‘Rusty Bikes’.


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