BUIC day 2: Freezzzbeezzz taking the lead, DH still on track for the play-offs.

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BUIC day 2: Freezzzbeezzz taking the lead, DH still on track for the play-offs. Image

BUIC day 2: Freezzzbeezzz taking the lead, DH still on track for the play-offs.

As expected the second day of BUIC 11-12 would be a tough one for DH because we were missing 2 valuable pieces of our puzzle: Oli’s magical arm and Stijn’s speedy legs. With only 1 sub we were having a hard time at the end of each game. But, we fought like lions and we were able to stay in first division. Mission accomplished!

In the first game of the day DH played against the Mooncatchers from Bxl. After beating them last time, Mooncatchers were in for a little revenge. But, with a solid play DH stayed in control of the game. Moon and DH alternately leading the game with one point difference, it could have gone both ways. Unfortunate for us, we gave our lead away 30 seconds before the end of the game, giving Moon the opportunity to win the game. All the hard work up in smoke in just a split second: 9-10.

In our second game we met our compatriots from Huy. They lost their first game against an impressive playing Freezzzbeezzz with only 2 points difference. We knew we had to be focussed and not let them get in their game. A lot of pressure in D made Huy struggle a lot, and in no time we were 4 up, halfway leading 7 – 2. But, Huy wouldn’t be Huy if they would stop fighting, and so they got back in the game: 9-6. But, in the end DH started playing a bit smarter and made the difference: 11-6.

Up next, another battle with possibly the strongest contender in the BUIC 11-12. As the mooncatchers were earlier, the Freezzzbeezzz were in for a little revenge as well, after getting their asses kicked on day one of the BUIC. Both teams started with hard pressure in defense, and a struggling offense. DH leading the game with one point difference. Only 2 minutes before the end of the game DH was able to make a second break leading 6-4. But, in stead of playing calmly, and looking for the easy options, we started running at the same pase the Freezzzbeezzz did, and in stead of scoring like they did, we failed, mainly because we were actually to exhausted as we were playing a hard game with only 6 players. And so the Beezzz tied the game a few seconds before the buzzer. We still had the advantage of being in offense, but a beautiful diving D from Lode close to our endzone turned the odds in their favour, and with a fast break on PJ, they took the victory. Our disappointment was huge, loosing the second game of the day, we should’ve won.

Unfortunate for Β Eulchtimate we still had to win another game to stay in first division. Eulchtimate was giving us a bit less pressure in D than the other teams did and so we were able to play our game. Slidely building up our advantage. We were all pretty exhausted, but still we were able to take control of the game. Another proof of the progress this team has made in the past year.


DH2 were having similar problems, missing FrΓ©, Arthur and Wouter, and playing with only 4 men and 3 women. They won 2 of their 4 games, so under normal circumstances they should stay in third division. But, due to XLR8TRS being late, and forfeiting their first game, these weren’t normal circumstances. ULB was able to profit from that, going up to second division together with the lads of Hazzzbeezzz, and DH2 is going back to division 4. To bad!




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    Shout-out to Tom Boonen for having our 'backs' for the Belgian Ultimate Outdoor Championship - BUOC 14/04 & 15/04 (Brussels) and 28/04 & 29/04 (Bruges)! πŸ€™πŸ˜Ž

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    We gave it our all but came a bit too short at the end! After a brief moment of being disappointed laugther and joy followed again quickly and we can still be very proud with the second place in the Belgian Ultimate Mixed Indoor Championship! πŸ₯ˆπŸ’ͺ😎

    Last year third place, this year second place, perhaps we can become mixed indoor champions again next year? πŸ˜‰

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    Today! It's time for the play-offs! πŸ”₯

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    Thanks everyone for attending our yearly pasta day! We hope you had a good time and enjoyed the meals which were made and served with love!

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