10 years of Diabolic Heaven

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10 years of Diabolic Heaven

Last saturday Diabolic Heaven celebrated it’s 10th anniversary. We started the celebration with a friendly indoor HAT tournament for old and current players. We welcomed a couple of players from frisbeeclub Helchteren, who started playing Ultimate with Diabolic Heaven.The

tournament consisted of a round robin between 6 teams. Miraculously the innocent hand of Sigi managed to pick 3 random teams, one junior team, one vintage team(older players and Ivan from Huyltimate) and a women team.

The juniors and ladies had some extra tournament practice before the juniors day and the the womans indoor competition. After the tournament we all went to get some healthy food at the local MCDonalds. We needed energy for the party!   Sigi made a nice presentation about the history and future of Diabolic Heaven. Quite amazing what our team managed to achieve in only ten years. We played, and won several tournaments. Other teams voted us most spirited at numerous occasions. We won 2 Belgian titles in 2011 (BUIC mixed and BBC). The future is looking bright as well, with a lot of new young players, a student team and the solid base we build up during the years. The mayor of Hasselt couldn’t make it to the celebration, but the Alderman of sports (schepen) came to congratulate her. We thanked her and the sports department of our city for many years of collaboration. We also gave a special thank you gift to Yves, who was a volunteer for the soccer team that lets us use their fields for Ultimate practices and tournaments. Yves probably never touched a disc in his life, but helped us use the fields, kept the bar filled and the hot water running. And another big thank you went to Joris, who was our treasurer for many years, but decided to retire now.   As a little surprise to Sigi, the players made a pledge to the team. In which we promise to always work hard, play spirited, and respect the rules of the team. Giving a piece of paper with an oath is a nice gesture, and it means a lot to us. But we also wanted to give something more  concrete, so we decided to chip in and pay for Sigi’s Sockeye training camp in Italy.   After the official part, we partied till early morning, Diabolic Style!

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    Shout-out to Tom Boonen for having our 'backs' for the Belgian Ultimate Outdoor Championship - BUOC 14/04 & 15/04 (Brussels) and 28/04 & 29/04 (Bruges)! 🤙😎

    We appreciate it Tom! 😉😇

    #LetsGoHeaven #LetsTakeItOutside #Hasselt

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    These young men will represent our country at Ufcf18 - Ultimate Future Cup France 2018, including our own Zion Claes! 👏

    To all other candidates who weren't selected this time, keep working hard at training and the results will follow! Never back down! 💪


    Here is the team who will represent Belgium at #UFCF18 Congratulations to all the 68 candidates, you are the future of Ultimate!

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    We gave it our all but came a bit too short at the end! After a brief moment of being disappointed laugther and joy followed again quickly and we can still be very proud with the second place in the Belgian Ultimate Mixed Indoor Championship! 🥈💪😎

    Last year third place, this year second place, perhaps we can become mixed indoor champions again next year? 😉

    #LetsGoHeaven #FrisbeeFamily #LetsTakeItOutdoor

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    Today! It's time for the play-offs! 🔥

    Come support your own favorite team and let's get Ultimate some extra popularity! 👏


    BU(M)IC finals

    March 11, 2018, 11:00am - March 11, 2018, 8:00pm

    The final weekend of the indoor season! Starring: Schepen van Sport Leuven for the First Pull Starring: Woman, Mixed, Open teams Schedule: goo.gl/SuaLYy

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    Thanks everyone for attending our yearly pasta day! We hope you had a good time and enjoyed the meals which were made and served with love!

    Hope to see you again next year! 😉

    Some photos of the atmosphere will follow shortly! 📷 🎉

    Any comments or suggestions? Make sure to let us know below or via PM! 😊

    Hasta la pasta! 😉😇

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