Diabolic Juniors win Belgian Junior Championship

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Diabolic Juniors win Belgian Junior Championship

Last Sunday 3 DH Junior teams went to Ukkel to compete in the Belgian Junior Championships.

The Diabolic Bengels may have lost all of their games, but they managed to score some beautiful points and kept the spirit high. Watch out for these younglings!

In Diabolic Future we gathered some “older” newbies. Even though it was their first tournament and most of them could have played in the U16, we believed they could learn a lot more if we would subscribe them to the U18 division. And so we did! They had to play older and stronger opponents, with often a lot more experience, but they did remarkably well! It’s practically unbelievable what these youngsters are capable of, after only a few months of practice. They were having a great time and by beating Gentle for the fifth place we had 2 DH teams in de top 5.

Yes indeed, as expected Diabolic Juniors did even better. They didn’t just make it to the top 5, they won the Belgian Junior Championship 2012. Except for Pierre these guys already played the Junior Championship last year, so it was an interesting test to see how much progress they made. And what a progress indeed! They played incredibly mature, constructing their offences patiently, waiting for the right time to strike. On top of that they were so eager to win that they put up an enormous pressure in D, which made the other teams struggle…a lot. In a thrilling final DH won over Mooncathers with 10 to 8, and became Belgian Junior Champ of 2012.

Congratulations “kids”!


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