Dutch Beach Champion 2010 & SOTG @ Hargen

Dutch Beach Champion 2010 & SOTG @ Hargen Image

Dutch Beach Champion 2010 & SOTG @ Hargen

It sounds a bit weird: A Belgian team winning the Dutch Beach Championship, but Diabolic Heaven succeeded in doing it.
With some of the better players and teams of the Dutch Ultimate Frisbee league out of our way (they were playing @ the World Championships in Prague), we actually didn’t have a hard time getting in the final. Only the “Zee-eendjes” were able to give us some resistance , but personally I had the impression this was rather due to the extra game we played at that time.

While we were heading for the final, our second team “The Seestars” , a combination of Frisbeer- and DH-players, and a fine mixture of young upcoming talents, some newbees, and some older experienced players, were gaining the sympathy of the Dutch Frisbee community. They played some pretty good ultimate, and gave a lot of teams a hard time… ending 10th out of 13 teams. The smiles on their faces and the way they kept on going stole the hearts of the Dutch Ultimate players…and so Diabolic Sea Stars took away the SOTG-award at Hargen.

Diabolic Heaven playing the final…our second final. After loosing the first one from Zoccoli Misti, last years at Monsters Ball, we really wanted to take home this one! So we sharpened our focus and started off in rocket-mode. UFO, our adversary in the final, was blown away from the start. They couldn’t keep up with our uptempo game and soon we had a 10-3 lead, thanks to some beautiful plays and nice dives from our youngsters Joren & Fr�. Even a short resurrection from our friends from Utrecht didn’t effect our game, and so DH took their first Championships title home: 11 – 3.

After we took away the dream of many Dutchmen to become Dutch Beach Champion, later on that night Spain took away the dream of many other Dutchmen to become World Champion in soccer…and we we’re first-row spectators to watch the tragedy take place! Better luck next time…


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    Shout-out to Tom Boonen for having our 'backs' for the Belgian Ultimate Outdoor Championship - BUOC 14/04 & 15/04 (Brussels) and 28/04 & 29/04 (Bruges)! 🤙😎

    We appreciate it Tom! 😉😇

    #LetsGoHeaven #LetsTakeItOutside #Hasselt

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    These young men will represent our country at Ufcf18 - Ultimate Future Cup France 2018, including our own Zion Claes! 👏

    To all other candidates who weren't selected this time, keep working hard at training and the results will follow! Never back down! 💪


    Here is the team who will represent Belgium at #UFCF18 Congratulations to all the 68 candidates, you are the future of Ultimate!

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    We gave it our all but came a bit too short at the end! After a brief moment of being disappointed laugther and joy followed again quickly and we can still be very proud with the second place in the Belgian Ultimate Mixed Indoor Championship! 🥈💪😎

    Last year third place, this year second place, perhaps we can become mixed indoor champions again next year? 😉

    #LetsGoHeaven #FrisbeeFamily #LetsTakeItOutdoor

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    Today! It's time for the play-offs! 🔥

    Come support your own favorite team and let's get Ultimate some extra popularity! 👏


    BU(M)IC finals

    March 11, 2018, 11:00am - March 11, 2018, 8:00pm

    The final weekend of the indoor season! Starring: Schepen van Sport Leuven for the First Pull Starring: Woman, Mixed, Open teams Schedule: goo.gl/SuaLYy

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    Thanks everyone for attending our yearly pasta day! We hope you had a good time and enjoyed the meals which were made and served with love!

    Hope to see you again next year! 😉

    Some photos of the atmosphere will follow shortly! 📷 🎉

    Any comments or suggestions? Make sure to let us know below or via PM! 😊

    Hasta la pasta! 😉😇

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