Hat-Tournament: JetSet Goes Beach 2010

Hat-Tournament: JetSet Goes Beach 2010 Image

Hat-Tournament: JetSet Goes Beach 2010

Last weekend a few of us, mainly the older folks (who didn’t have to study day and night), had a great time on the beach of Hofstade. Jetset organized their 10th fun-party-hat-tournament “Jetset Goes Beach” and you can say they are starting to get the hang of it.

When I arrived friday around 8 o’clock, the party was already going on for quite some time, and it went on for the rest of the weekend.

But, of course, no party without ultimate…
Jetset Goes Beach is a HAT-tournament, which means you won’t be playing with your own teammates. Every player joins the tournament individually, and at the start of the tournament teams are composed with players of different teams taking into account the level of each player. All teams should be equally strong!

The sun came out to watch us play, and so we had a beautiful day of ultimate ahead of us. The first couple of points it’s always a bit of a struggle to adjust to other teammates, but a few drops and bad passes later, the team I played in, found each other blindfolded. Some very talented and experienced players took the lead, and in no time we were playing as if we had played together for years. It seemed to me that other teams were struggling a bit harder, so after the first day we were still undefeated. The rest of the DH-crew was having a great time as well…and so we all were in party-mood.

We dressed up for a night of Hells Angels vs Charlies Angels, it seemed that I didn’t look very Hellish and some people were calling me Albert (Motard). After some dancing, posing, biking and friendly wrestling with Jan, we were pretty tired and went to bed, and a certain someone was so tired he fell asleep sitting straight up…luckily his caring roommates tucked him in!

The second day was a bit less sunny, and due to some sort of dehydration it seemed tougher…but, when you’re on an ultimate field, you forget about these minor issues, and after your first dive, everything falls right into place. After winning every game on the first day, my team was still celebrating when we had to play our first game of day 2, and so we took a minor beating. Luckily this was our wake-up call, and after winning every game from than on, we had to play the final.

In the final I stood face to faces with Jan & Fery…yes, yes Diabolic strongly represented in the final! After a wet and rainy final, my team took the victory home….and yet again, there was some celebrating to do!

In my opinion this tournament shows what Ultimate is all about. People of all corners of the country (some even crossing the border) meeting each other to play the sport of all sports, outrunning the daily routine…


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    Shout-out to Tom Boonen for having our 'backs' for the Belgian Ultimate Outdoor Championship - BUOC 14/04 & 15/04 (Brussels) and 28/04 & 29/04 (Bruges)! 🤙😎

    We appreciate it Tom! 😉😇

    #LetsGoHeaven #LetsTakeItOutside #Hasselt

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    These young men will represent our country at Ufcf18 - Ultimate Future Cup France 2018, including our own Zion Claes! 👏

    To all other candidates who weren't selected this time, keep working hard at training and the results will follow! Never back down! 💪


    Here is the team who will represent Belgium at #UFCF18 Congratulations to all the 68 candidates, you are the future of Ultimate!

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    We gave it our all but came a bit too short at the end! After a brief moment of being disappointed laugther and joy followed again quickly and we can still be very proud with the second place in the Belgian Ultimate Mixed Indoor Championship! 🥈💪😎

    Last year third place, this year second place, perhaps we can become mixed indoor champions again next year? 😉

    #LetsGoHeaven #FrisbeeFamily #LetsTakeItOutdoor

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    Today! It's time for the play-offs! 🔥

    Come support your own favorite team and let's get Ultimate some extra popularity! 👏


    BU(M)IC finals

    March 11, 2018, 11:00am - March 11, 2018, 8:00pm

    The final weekend of the indoor season! Starring: Schepen van Sport Leuven for the First Pull Starring: Woman, Mixed, Open teams Schedule: goo.gl/SuaLYy

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    Thanks everyone for attending our yearly pasta day! We hope you had a good time and enjoyed the meals which were made and served with love!

    Hope to see you again next year! 😉

    Some photos of the atmosphere will follow shortly! 📷 🎉

    Any comments or suggestions? Make sure to let us know below or via PM! 😊

    Hasta la pasta! 😉😇

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